About the Blogger

Hi I’m Jimmy Williamson.

I am currently a student at Temple University majoring in Communications Studies.

90’s R&B and cartoons are my life.

You can follow me on twitter @JimTRILLiamson, or don’t, it really makes no difference…

But like, if you see that I took the time to write my twitter name down, the least you could do is follow me on twitter. Well, actually the least you can do is nothing, but I feel like a person can obviously tell that I want them to at least look at my twitter.

Like seriously, what is it that would make a person not want to follow me on twitter? I follow back I swear! Was it something I said? is it the whole 90’s R&B thing? Oh God, am I starting to come across as needy? No. No. Wait, Im sorry. I can just get a little bit nervous when I meet new people sometimes. I mean, you just came across as so cool and I wanted to make a good first impression because I wanted you to follow me on twitter REALLY bad. I tried to play it all cool and act like I didn’t care, but you know what, that’s not “us”, “we’re” not like that; our relationship is better than that. We can just be real with each other. I feel so silly, I knew I never should of doubted you.

So yeah follow me on twitter.

Also follow @SBandBatteries to get updates on all of our latest content.


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