76ers Draft Review: It was pretty great


Does anyone have a pair of sunglasses I can borrow? BECAUSE IT IS SO FREAKIN LIT!

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect going into Bryan Colangelo’s first draft as Sixers’ GM. The thought of Andrea Bargnani was more than enough to scare me shitless.

As weary as I’ve been of Bryan since taking Sam Hinkie’s job I’ve gotta admit, Uncle Jerry’s baby boy really hit this one out of the park.

Coming away with the draft’s best player and two of its biggest steals is a great way to start your tenure as GM.

And what’s even more important is the Sixers didn’t overpay to get back in the draft’s top eight. Danny Ainge has a history of fleecing people in trades, which is a big reason why the Celtics had the third overall pick in the first place, but not ol’ Bryan. He stuck to his guns and wouldn’t accept any deal he didn’t find fair. Kris Dunn would of been nice and all, but not overpaying for Kris Dunn is even better.

The one down side to this draft, and this is a biggey, is the fact the Sixers still have yet to address the gapping hole at point guard. Colangelo has already said the team will address the position through free agency, but it would of been nice to see them get back into the draft to take someone like Tyler Ulis or Demetrius Jackson somewhere in the second round.

The point guard stuff really ain’t that deep though, it’s more me just being picky. If anyone complains about the draft the Sixers just had, they deserve to get smacked in the mouth.

1st Overall: Ben Simmons SF/PF LSU


The Sixers got the best player in the draft. There really isn’t anything more to say here.

Ben Simmons is the type of player you suck for three seasons to try and get. He is a unique player with a rare skill set that does not come around very often.

He has yet to officially wear a Sixers jersey and he’s arguably the best player on the team already. But then again his main competition for that spot has yet to ever officially wear a Sixers jersey either.

I’ll put it this way, scouts have said Ben Simmons right now is a rich man’s Lamar Odom, but Ben Simmons with a jump shot is Magic Johnson; that’s how good this kid could be.

In time, Ben Simmons could be the most versatile player in the NBA and if his jump shot comes around he could be a perennial All-NBA type player. He is the real deal.

You can read more of my thoughts on Ben Simmons and what he means to the Sixers here.

24th Overall: Timothe Luwawu SG/SF France


I’ll admit, I screamed like a little girl when this pick came in.

Luwawu was one of my favorite players in the draft; albeit due largely to KK Mega Vizura’s sexy unis, but I digress. I expected him to go in the early post lottery 15-20 range. Having him fall to the Sixers was unbelievable, but Bryan Colangelo actually drafting him was even more miraculous.

I see this as one of the biggest steals of the draft

Luwawu is a versatile 3 and D wing who is liable to destroy any net that looks at him the wrong way. He has a ton of upside coming out of France due to his athleticism and defensive ability. The frenchman also saw his three point shot jump about ten percentage points in the past season which is very encouraging. He’s even been described as, “The type of wing every team wants”.

Oh and he’s 6’7 with a 6’11 wingspan, so there’s that too.

Timothe Luwawu is already 21 years old and could come stateside this season if he feels so inclined. That’ll be something to keep an eye on in the coming weeks.

In a weak draft class, taking a chance on the springy frenchman with the sweet shot is a safe gamble.

Watch this if you wanna see Timothe do some mean things with a basketball.

26th Overall: Furkan Korkmaz SG/SF Turkey


Yep, the Sixers got themselves another Furkan.

Korkmaz is another projected late lottery prospect who was a total steal for the Sixers. He was rated as the second best international prospect in the draft and fell all the way to 26.

At only 18 years old, Korkmaz has uber upside. He is one of the most polished three point shooters in the draft and could provide the Sixers with some desperately needed floor spacing.

He’s is a capable ball handler who can create his own shots and dish the ball a little bit. He is athletic enough to play above the rim and has even won dunk contests in the past.

A former teammate of Dario Saric’s, Furkan will more than likely be stashed overseas for the next few seasons due to his age, slight frame, and contract. He is a very exciting prospect the Sixers now have in their back pocket. After a few more years of seasoning, Furkan could come to the league and become a dangerous complimentary scoring option once he’s properly ripened.

Watch this if you wanna see Furkan Korkmaz being a bad man.



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