I Have Seen The Face of God and It Is Joel Embiid


God, I love this man.

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Everyone just saw what I saw right? Because I have just witnessed great things.

20 points and seven rebounds in 22 minutes of play. Ladies and gentlemen, Joel Embiid has finally arrived.

This was a debut three years in the making and my God it was worth every minute of waiting. This debut made all the sucking, ridicule, and pointless basketball worth it.

When you clown one of the NBA’s better low post defenders and force defenses to double team you in your first game as a professional, you know you have a special talent on your hands. It only gets better when you consider the fact Embiid started telling Adams “you can’t guard me,” while walking to the foul line.

If it wasn’t already obvious from his Twitter, Jojo has the swag to go with his skill. God bless LeBron James when he finally has to play the Sixers, he should of just accepted Joel’s pitch to join the team when he had the chance.

Joel showed the type of ball handling you don’t see from seven footers. Joel blocked shots like goalie. Joel looked nimble enough to recite Swan Lake. Joel did a pretty accurate impression of Hakeem Olajuwon. Joel shot the ball like he was a bad man who just didn’t give a shit; and he was.

The Process, as Joel Embiid so appropriately wants to be called, had an impact on every aspect of the game from the moment he stepped on the court. The Thunder are playoff contenders in a very tough Western Conference and they had a very difficult time accounting for Embiid. The guy had MVP chant rain down on him, and they were honestly justified.

REMINDER: This was Joel Embiid’s first professional game ever.

Sam Hinkie died for our sins and Joel Embiid is his prodigal son.

It’s impossible to not be excited as a Sixers fan watching that game despite the final results. If Joel Embiid is the future, than the future is bright. Actually strike that, the future isn’t bright, ITS LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!


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